Scott Eggert - Documents
Scott Eggert - Musician, Performer, Composer, Instructor
Curriculum Vitae (PDF — 85 KB)
Musica Universalis (PDF — 889 KB)
Ondine's Flute.pdf (PDF — 102 KB)
Source.pdf (PDF — 203 KB)
An Odd Turn of Phrase.pdf (PDF — 291 KB)
Statement of Intention (PDF — 225 KB)
These are all PDFs that can be viewed in Adobe. The Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Intention are self-explanatory. Musica Universalis and Debussy and the First Images are both research papers written during my graduate studies. An Odd Turn of Phrase is a piece written for violin and seven percussionists. Ondine's Flute is a microtonal piece for solo flute. Source is an orchestral arrangement of a piece originally composed for electronic media. Hexagon VIII: Phrygionian is a piece for string quartet. All these pieces can be heard on this website, either on the audio or video pages.

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