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Scott Eggert - Musician, Performer, Composer, Instructor
About Scott Eggert
Scott Eggert has been a professional musician for 26 years. He started out in rock bands and musicals as a singer/pianist, and began writing songs at age 13. At age 17 he went off to study composition at Carnegie-Mellon University with Marilyn Taft Thomas and Nancy Galbraith. At age 19 he transferred to Berklee College of Music as a film scoring major, and left school at 21 to pursue a career in performance. He travelled all over the US and abroad performing in various ensembles, including Black Water Junction, the Kevin Brennan Band, and most recently with the ensemble Nite-Time. In his mid twenties Scott developed a passion for world music, and began thorough private studies of West African drum music, Native American ceremonial music (particularly pow wow and Cherokee traditional songs), and the art of overtone singing (a vocal technique developed in Tuva and Mongolia). He co-founded Circle of Stones Ritual Theatre Ensemble with his wife, playwright Pana Columbus, in 2004. Scott served as Music Director and Resident Composer for Circle of Stones until they closed in 2011, having produced two major original works, "The New Earth" and "Gilgamesh", along with eleven short musicals for children.
Scott finished his B.A. studies through Thomas Edison State College, an online school, in 2008. He was accepted to the Master's Degree program in composition at Montclair State University in 2011, a program he chose specifically for the emphasis on microtonal music through the Harry Partch Institute, established there by Dean Drummond. As of January 2014, Scott graduated from Montclair with an M.A. and a 4.0 GPA, and was inducted as a member of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, an honors society for graduate students. He recently moved to Asheville, NC, and is now a Doctor of Musical Arts degree student in Music Composition at the University of Georgia, where he has also been granted a graduate assistantship with the arts initiative ICE (Ideas for Creative Exploration), that seeks to promote interdisciplinary projects and arts research. 
Scott sings and plays piano, bass, Native American flute, and assorted percussion. He is a gifted performer, composer, arranger, teacher, director, and recording artist. Some of his most recent projects include the score for the documentary film "Woven Ways" (, the CD "Paradise" with singer/songwriter Scott Paul, the soundtrack CD for Circle of Stones' production "The New Earth," and his own CD of meditation music, "Akroasis."
On the following pages, you will see videos of live performances of Scott's compositions from the past few years at Montclair State University, along with a range of documents available for viewing. These include a Curriculum Vitae, Scott's research paper "Musica Universalis: from the Lambdoma of Pythagoras to the Tonality Diamond of Harry Partch," a Statement of Intention, and examples of scores.
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